Credit Card Balance vs. Statement Balance

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Current credit card balance:

I always recommend paying off your credit card balance if you can. Why? It's a good habit to get into. Why have a balance if you don't need to maintain a balance?

To find your credit card balance, log into your credit card companies account and look for "current balance". I pay my credit card off every other Friday. I like to also include my pending charges with my posted charges and pay those off so I can start with a $0 balance, but that's just my preference.

Statement balance:

Credit card statements can be confusing because there's so many numbers. Honestly I never look at my statements because I keep track of my charges and payments as I go. I also check my account very regularly so I can make sure everything is accurate.

If you do like to check your statements and prefer to pay your statement balance, you'll want to look for "statement balance" or "new balance"

If you pay this amount, you won't pay any additional interest. If you pay just the minimum payment, you will still pay interest.

There's many options to give people flexibility. But if you can pay everything off every month, you're golden!

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