Staying Motivated

How do you keep yourself motivated? What do you do to hold yourself accountable for your goals?

Staying motivated is always relatable when there's something you're trying to accomplish. Much like other areas in life, staying motivated to keep your finances in order can be difficult. Here's some tips:

Make sure what you're working towards is something you ACTUALLY want. It can be difficult to stay motivated for finances because it seems impossible to reach certain goals or maybe your situation isn't ideal. But that's why setting goals Is so important.

Set big goals, but also set small goals within those goals. I personally set small daily finance goals. Spend X amount a day. Save X amount a day. When you start to see yourself hitting those small goals- you will set yourself up for success for the bigger goals.

How are you checking your progress? How are you going to hold yourself accountable? Write your goals down! Keep track. Daily. Weekly. Monthly. Whatever is needed to get you where you need.

REWARD YOURSELF. Yes, I treat myself one a week with a smaller thing and once a month with something bigger as long as I'm on track with my goal. if there's no reward, there's likely no excitement which slowly kills the motivation.

I think surrounding yourself with the right people is important. I dont feel like the people around you need to have the same goals but these people need to be positive and support your journey. There is nothing more unmotivating than surrounding yourself with negativity and negative energy.

Keep your questions coming my way and let me know how you keep yourself motivated financially

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