Updated: Apr 2, 2021

I've heard quite a bit about @truebill but only recently checked it out for myself.

I wanted to share some pros and cons on the app and let everyone decide for themselves if it makes sense for them!

**this is not an ad or sponsored post**

There is a paid premium version as well as a free version. I tried out the free version so this will only review my opinions on the free version.


•Signing up is incredibly easy

•Linking your bank, credit and investment accounts also incredibly easy

•Like I mentioned above, there's a free version and a premium version- they let you chose how much you want to pay for the premium and I think it's as low as $3?

•You can easily see all your accounts in one place- you can link all your bank accounts, credit accounts and investment accounts

•You can see all your bills in one place and when they are due. The app recognizes reoccurring deposits/withdrawals

•You can sync your credit score- all free. Doesn't hurt your credit.

•There is a "lower your bills" feature which allows Truebill to negotiate with providers to get you the best deal

•You can take cash advances from your paychecks with 0% interest. Borrow your own money ahead of time for free

•You can create a monthly budget within the app

•You can review your monthly reports which cover how much you've earned, how much you're spending and how much you have left for spending in your budget

•You can search through all of your transactions for all of your accounts with key words


•I couldn't link my Fidelity account which is what I use for all my investments

•The app doesn't recognize all transaction types so you have to go in and manually recategorize things

•You can't see details on your credit score factors without upgrading to premium

•Smart saving option is only available If you upgrade to premium

•Very confused on why someone would chose to pay more for premium for the same thing?

Overall I'd say Truebill's free version is great for someone who is wanting to see all their accounts in one place & easily track monthly spending/bills!

Post by: Nayab Abbasi

Instagram: @nayabjabbasi

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